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“How do I AskJer™ for Onsite Service?”
“How do I get a WEB site like this one used by AskJer™?”
“Can I get a phone system like the one used by AskJer™ without the WEB site?”
You can AskJer™ for schedule availability, and for an onsite consultation or troubleshooting visit by calling, texting, or sending an MMS message to one of the numbers at the bottom of this page.
Once you log in you can AskJer™ a question through the comment text box that appears at the bottom of every page.  This site has been developed to demonstrate the ultimate “CONTACT ME” WEB site. I use this site as a hub, not just for my consulting work but for everything I do.
Creating an account on a WEB site has never been easier.  It is likely you or your clients already have an account with one of the Social Sites displayed near the login area.  Logging in with any of those social accounts icons authenticates you for this site as well and automatically creates a private interactive membership for you here.
From your mobile device there is a click to call button, or a QR code displayed in the desktop browser, for instant access to a cloud telephone platform that allows callers to select voice mail, a hold cue, or ring through to a physical phone line.
This interactive voice receptionist is working 24 hours a day.  Immediately upon receiving a voice mail, this receptionist notifies me by sending a text to my cell phone.  If the caller chooses to wait on hold, this receptionist places the caller in the hold cue, and then notifies me by text that a call is waiting including caller ID info.  If a caller knows the extension of the party they are trying to reach, this receptionist calls the desired party and allows the option to accept or reject the call.
This cloud phone technology allows for recording of all calls for quality review.

Contact Jer to Schedule an Onsite Consultation

Voice or Text – TOLL FREE
(855) 433-4JER
(855) 433-4537

AskJer™ about Onsite Service in the Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front from Brigham City to Spanish Fork.

Call Anytime 24/7/365.

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