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Career Summary:

30+ Years Working Directly with Prototype Development in Electronic/Mechanical Engineering.
Production Management/Test, Information Technology, Database Management, Mobile WEB Integration.
Desktop Support – Preparing, Repairing, and Upgrading PCs, Troubleshooting/Providing User Support.

Feature Set:

Leadership Mentality
Pay Close Attention to Detail
Need Little, If Any, Supervision
Highly Creative, and Innovative, Problem Solver
Capable of Following Sensible Instructions and Procedures
Electronic/Electrical Troubleshooting Skills (System Level to a Component Level)
Testing Skills Laboratory/Production (Component Level to a System Level)
A+ Certification MAC & PC (Verification Number 718DTT2062)

Skills / Equipment:

Blueprint Reading, Electrical / Electronic Tools & Test Equipment, Multi-Meter, Oscilloscope, PROM Burner, Power Meter, Distortion Meter, Impedance Meter, Modulation Meter, Signal Generator, RF Generator, RF Modulator, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Diagnostic Computers, PC Compatible Computers, Network Sniffer, Micro Controllers, Gate Arrays, Chipsets, Programmable Array Logic, Program Logic Control, Assembly Language, C / C++, Visual Studio, NetBeans IDE, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Microsoft (ASP) & Apache (PHP) WEB Servers, Microsoft SQL & MySQL Servers, WordPress CMS, Internet Navigation, Technical Writing, Computer Literate, Graphics Software, MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Unix, Linux, QNX, Microsoft Office (All Applications).

Experience Detail:

Technical Consultant: 12/2011 – Present
Desktop/Tablet/Smart-Phone Dynamic WEB Integration, Social Media Networking,
Local Business True “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization,
Hardware/Software/Firmware Diagnoses, Debugging and Redesign.

Electronics Engineering: 12/2008 – 12/2011
Electronics Engineering in a High Paced Production Environment. Re-Writing Work Instructions, to Improve Work Flow, and Correct Original Engineering Errors. Software Engineering as Needed to Test Electronic Devices. Preparing and Maintaining PCs (Both Windows and Linux) for all Production Test Stations Used to Test Electronic Devices as Required.
Assistant Shop Forman / Project Management / Purchasing / Receiving / Shipping: 12/2005 – 12/2008
Prioritizing Employee’s Project Work Throughout Each Day.
Prioritizing Project Schedules to Insure Delivery Date for Each Project is Met.
Purchasing Supplies to Meet Multiple Project Schedules.
Verifying all Supplies Purchased are Received as Ordered and Insuring Accounts Payable were Accurate and Paid by Purchase Order Agreed Due Dates.
Researching and Selecting Most Economical and Accurate Carriers for Shipping Finished Products.
Mobile Support Technician: 9/2000 – 12/2005
Providing Solutions to Home and Small Business PC Users. Creating WEB Sites, Custom Build of New PCs, Upgrading Existing PCs, Onsite Service and Support of PCs.
Systems Engineering: 5/1998 – 9/2000
Systems Integration of Embedded PC/104 Prototype Computers, Control Systems & Networked Devices.
Support Technician: 3/1997 – 5/1998
Upgrading Networked Workstations, Network Support, Help Line & Onsite User Support.
Support/Installation Technician: 2/1996 – 3/1997
Onsite Installation & Service of Business Machines, Credit Card Embossing Machines, Automated Mailing Equipment, Electronic Scales, Paper Shredders and Folders, Etc.
Hardware Support Technician: 2/1995 – 2/1996
Hardware Technical Support & Windows `95 Configuration Specialist.
Materials Handling: 9/1994 – 2/1995
Purchasing, Preparing, and Expediting Material for X-Ray Vacuum Tube Assemblies.
Maintenance Technician: 4/1994 – 9/1994
Electrical, Electronic, Maintenance, Grounds, and Custom Woodwork.
Electronic Assembly: 8/1993 – 4/1994
Implementing Engineering Changes to Graphics Accelerator System.
Electronic Assembly: 2/1993 – 8/1993
Electro-Mechanical Assembly of Live Musical Entertainment Equipment.
Self Employed: 5/1990 – 2/1993
Programming IBM PCs & Compatibles – Assembly Language, C & C++ Language, Tutor for IBM PCs & Compatibles MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.11, Word Perfect, Lotus, dBase II, III, IV, and all Other Software That Runs Under MS-DOS or MS-Windows 3.11.
Electronic Assembly: 1/1990 – 5/1990
TRAC/170 Defense Contract Electro-Mechanical Assembly of a Microwave Radio Telecommunication System.
Self Employed: 7/1987 – 1/1990
Programming IBM PCs & Compatibles – Assembly Language, C & C++ Language, Tutor for IBM PCs & Compatibles MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.11, Word Perfect, Lotus, dBase II, III, IV, and all Other Software That Runs Under MS-DOS or MS-Windows 3.11.
Electronic Technician: 2/1986 – 7/1987
Tested & Repaired Radio Telemetry for Prototype Under-Water, Remote Control, Mine Neutralization Vehicle for U.S. Navy (Prototype phase completed, and implemented).
Electronic Technician: 6/1983 – 2/1986
Tested & Repaired Character Generation Equipment and Commercial Insertion Equipment for Cable Television Industry.

Education / Training:

30+ Years Continuing Experience in Hardware & Software Engineering, Production, Manufacturing,
and Customer Service (Including Modern ISO and AS9100 Manufacturing Standards and Environments).
Associates Degree: Electrical/Electronic Technology
Major: Electronics – Minor: Computer Science
Graduated: 5/1983

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