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+1 (385) 226-9082

ATTN: Engineering Department Head

To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently seeking a position as an engineering technician, working directly with your latest prototype technology under development. This is where my skill-set shines, and is best suited. I am capable of troubleshooting from a system level to component level (including firmware/software). I can help move your design engineers along at a brisk pace, by diagnosing and proposing design corrections as needed. I have experience designing the test fixtures and documenting test processes for both design certifications and mass production phases of a project. I have experience optimizing current processes and documentation for high paced production environments as well. I don’t mind chaos, and in fact prefer being in the position of “Fireman” when everything goes wrong, and emergency, stop what your doing, response is required.

I am currently contracting as a field engineer for many, many companies throughout the United States, responding to local client needs along the Wasatch Front area of Utah. I am willing to travel as needed to respond to your clients as well. I’ve been keeping quite busy since 2011, when I decided to move into contracted work. However, I’ve started a few complex software projects, so am looking to retu
to a regular schedule, to better budget my time, and have fewer interruptions. I’m also moving my hobby life into the maker space, and pursuing some 3D print ideas, requiring longer attention spans.

Please forward this letter, and attached resume, to your Human Resources department, and recommend they call me in for an interview. I look forward to meeting with your team, to determine if we can create a position, if you do not already have an opening. My talents are a valuable commodity, in the electronic and technical industries. It is rare, that you will find such a rounded, yet fully developed and capable skill-set. I have also done some mechanical-engineering along the way, and am familiar with material properties, like specific gravity, and the importance of the Poisson factor under stress conditions, etc.

Any questions, please call 24 / 7


Jerry Lee Coleman Jr.

PHONE: +1 (385) 226-9082

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