I’m a universal enthusiast. I enjoy the everyday challenges that seem to come my way, continuously. I have no problems of my own, because I’m too busy solving everyone else’s ‘show stoppers’. Even if I can’t/won’t fix it for you, I can usually tell you what the root cause of your troubles are. I have a knack for asking the questions most people overlook, or otherwise let pass unnoticed. Physical phenomenon garner the majority of my attention, but the human condition seems to be tugging at my lab-coat these days. It seems society is devolving, and actually becoming stupid for fashion’s sake. We, as a people, need to turn this tide back toward understanding, and sound reason.

If you have questions . . . ASK!!! Ask someone. Open a hard-bound book on the subject, for the gods sakes. All of your questions have been asked before you got there. Someone before you has ask the very same thing, for the very same reason, and they documented it. Published it before peers for review, and at the least, placed that question in a well constructed box, to hold it until someone, anyone (perhaps you) comes along to pluck its answer out of the æther.

This WEB Site is my answer to the plague of commercial “Social Media” domination, and the false sense of “Voice” offered through the popping corn landscape (mine field) of “Free” social platforms, who’s very existence depends on our personal data, habits, and our work effort to create the content for them to market (not for us to share, as we are mislead to believe). 

This is “My Platform” to interact with, and manage, my personal and professional network of real persons, vetted and verified to be whom they claim to be.

Anyone is welcomed to leave a comment on any article or blog post published on this site. However, you must be a registered member of “My Network” on this site to participate.

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