May 232019

I have two principles of faith.

#1) The Universe Does, and Will, Unfold as it Should.

#2) Chaos IS, the Perfect Order.

This is the foundation upon which this blog rests its perspective.

If one can wrap their head around these two principles, everything is always “Perfect”!

Even when my world seems to be unraveling, or finding its way to some kind of hell that awaits, my perspective remains “PERFECT! … damn it … just Perfect!” 🙂

Every ice cube will one day melt, so too, our best laid plans, achievements, and rocks upon which we’ve built all things. We are all just “Castles Made of Sand”, but “Now” is our time to be here, in this moment. The “Now” experience eludes the mind, crowded out by wrongs of yesterday and fear of what we think may happen tomorrow.

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