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This WEB Site is a sample of a plug-n-play, central management hub, for your life, your business, or both.

Get off the “Social Media” bandwagon. Stop being led by the nose, to the next distraction, and take control of your online presence. Spend a little bit of money to host your own domain on the web. Share that site with your family, friends, clients, business partners, etc. It’s your life to lead. Be the trendsetter in your clique. Spend your efforts on your own blog, your own message system, your own telephone network, your own video conference center. The “Net” is capturing you! Your personal information! Your habits! Your quirks! Your desires! It’s time to use the “Net” to connect directly to those whom you wish to share such information. More importantly, use the “Net” to encapsulate, and protect yourself from the bait and trap of “Free” internet social platforms.

When it’s “Free” . . . “YOU” are the “Commodity”

Bought, Sold, and Traded on what we call the “Free Market”.

This WEB Site is my answer to the plague of commercial “Social Media” domination, and the false sense of “Voice” offered through the popping corn landscape (minefield) of “Free” social platforms, who’s very existence depends on our personal data, habits, and our work effort to create the content for them to market (not for us to share, as we are mislead to believe).



You Will SAVE $50, $70, or up to $200 for Monthly, Annual, or 3 Year Subscriptions Respectively

After you sign up for your web hosting on DreamHost, come back here to AskJer.com for help managing your new website name, or transferring a name you already owned, for your new account and fresh presence on the internet.

This is “My Platform” to interact with, and manage, my personal and professional network of real persons, vetted and verified to be whom they claim to be.

If you have questions . . . ASK!!! Ask someone. Open a hard-bound book on the subject, for the gods sakes. All of your questions have been asked before you got there. Someone before you has ask the very same thing, for the very same reason, and they documented it. Published it before peers for review, and at the least, placed that question in a well constructed box, to hold it until someone, anyone (perhaps you) comes along to pluck its answer out of the æther.

Anyone is welcomed to leave a comment on any article or blog post published on this site. However, you must be a registered member of “My Network” on this site to participate.

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